Learning about the Art of Feminine Presence has re-united me with my true womanhood.
I now know that this power is always with me to tap into, and I am grateful to Macky for lighting the path. I highly recommend this course.
~ Sandy Close – Adelaide, SA – Musician


Partaking in Macky’s Feminine Presence course has resulted in many positive changes in my life. Having a safe place to land each Wednesday evening, surrounded by like-minded compassionate women, has provided a wonderful environment in which to learn about harnessing my own feminine essence.
I have a great awareness of different choices and approaches resulting from moving into my own powerful feminine essence.
~ Lainie Jamieson – Adelaide, SA – Music Teacher & Musician


Looking after yourself isn’t just about losing that excess weight, going to the gym to be fitter or starting that latest trendy, healthy diet. There is also the inner health, the inner wellbeing that needs your attention as well.

I highly recommend Macky and her teachings. She will teach you methods and technics that can help you become calmer, stronger and more focused, able to deal with the day to day dramas of life.

I know I have a lot more to learn from Macky and I hope to see you sometime in some of her classes.
~ Zanetta Larsen – Adelaide, SA


Macky’s weekly group exploring the sacred feminine has been a wonderful, nurturing space, enabling each of us to explore our conditioning around being feminine and healing those wounds.

The exercises sometimes seem simple, but energetically they are powerful, and significant shifts have occurred in my way of living. I had not realised how much masculine energy I was still using – pushing through life, getting tasks done with little sense of connection or pleasure.

I am now taking the time to do tasks from a more feminine energy – a more balanced, connected space, more in my heart and womb, than my head. The tasks still get done, but instead of being stressed or exhausted at the end of the day, I feel more at ease and have flowed through it with more grace and presence. 

~ Jodi-Anne Smith – Adelaide, SA – Environmental Health Officer 


New sense of purpose.

“In the short course of time since I worked with Macky I accomplished the following…… Changed my profession. Left my old mindless job behind. Set up and embraced an exciting and now quite successful business venture; and most important… re-created a sense of purpose in my life. Thank you Macky!” ~ Trevor, Adelaide SA Business owner