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What clients have said after working with me...

Macky is helping me find out who I am and what I truly believe in. 

I am slowly and methodically stripping away years of negative thoughts, to truly find out, trust and love the person that I am.

I have only just started my journey in self-care and love, but I am committed to stopping the negative thoughts and criticism that have plagued my life for forty of the last forty-plus years.

I can honestly say that Macky is making an enormous difference in helping me find out exactly who I am, and who I want to become.

- G. Stewart

Macky has helped me to push the reset button on my life!  I will be forever grateful for the new skills I have learned and straight away was able to use.  For the first time ever I have been able to put myself into a state of deep relaxation enabling me to tune into my own feminine presence and intuition.  I have been able to let go of emotional ties that were no longer serving me, and open myself to new possibilities. It is so empowering to be the authentic me and feel so grounded and at peace no matter what is happening around me.  I can’t recommend Macy highly enough – these sessions have been restorative, refreshing, and reinvigorating. Loving life now – thankyou!

Bridget Rees

I have had the privilege of attending AFP weekly classes run by Macky for 3 years. The self-care and well being practices I have learnt have been life changing and brought much joy, nourishment, contentment, self-awareness and confidence. It is uplifting to meet other women who are like minded, supportive, authentic, from different walks of life and on the personal development path.
I would highly recommend AFP and look forward to participating in the future.
Andrea Prime

I’m truly grateful to have been introduced to this work by Macky. Her wisdom and knowledge has guided me to find a new sense of purpose and direction in both my personal and professional life. It has taught me to acknowledge both my strengths and weaknesses and more importantly to strive to be my authentic self. 
Katrina 💛

Through doing classes in The Art Of Feminine Presence I have become stronger and more focussed and able to deal with the day to day dramas of my life. I highly recommend this work.

Zanetta Larsen, Business Owner

Learning about The Art Of Feminine Essence has reunited me with my true womanhood. This power is always with me to tap into and I am grateful to Macky for lighting the path.
I highly recommend this course.

Sandy Close, Musician

THE ART OF FEMININE PRESENCE Course gave me a lasting appreciation of the wonder of feminine energy. Macky delivers ancient knowledge with practical applications through a gentle approach, weighted in wisdom, which opened up beautiful and creative connections to my essential
Feminine self.

Anyone who does this course will gain more presence, confidence and connectedness. I enjoyed this course immensely.

Ambika, Adelaide

Macky is an experienced coach who’s honesty, authentic advice and wisdom has boosted my confidence in a powerful way.

Taking part in The Art of Feminine Presence and applying the practices has given me pleasure and a greater awareness of the wonderful effects of activating my own magnetic feminine presence. I now see the value of using my presence in life.

The Art of Feminine Presence has been life changing for me. I am happy, confident and comfortable expressing my femininity. I recommend This course to anyone seeking to be noticed in a positive light and wishing to
Enrich and empower her own personal life journey.

Jelena Tralijic

My self awareness, authenticity, Confidence, inner peace and intuition have increased as a result of attending The Art Of Feminine Presence classes run by Macky. It has been wonderful to be part of a part of a positive, nurturing, supportive group where women flourish.

Andrea, Teacher, Adelaide

Partaking in Macky’s Feminine Presence course has resulted in many positive changes in my life.

Having a safe place to land each Wednesday evening, surrounded by like-minded, compassionate women has provided a wonderful environment in which to learn how to activate my feminine essence. I have a greater awareness of different choices and approaches as a result of using my feminine essence.

Lainie Jamieson, Musician and Muse

When you know you are of worth, you don’t have to raise your voice, you don’t have to become rude, you don’t have to become vulgar; you just are. And you are like the sky is, as the air is, the same way water is wet. It doesn’t have to protest.

~ Maya Angelou

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